Friday, April 1, 2011

April Card Classes

March is not quite over yet, but I have had a busy and inspirational weekend. The design juices were really flowing yesterday. These are the three cards I designed for my April Card Class.

I was inspired by Amy Reinhardt at for this card. There are lots of beautiful cards on her blog. Thank you Amy for your great design.

I learned a new technique called embedded embossing. This card features this "new" technique. Pretty cool, eh? Come learn how at my class.

For this card I actually took apart the Friendly Word Wheel and remounted it as a flat stamp. Many stampers are "Wheel Challenged" and cannot drive a straight line with a wheel. At $8.50 a jumbo wheel is a great value. By taking the rubber off the wheel I was able to color the images in as I wanted to and then stamp it when I was ready. There are lots of resources online for how to convert your wood mount stamps to clear mount stamps. I visited Susan V. Peters's blog and adapted her technique for my stamps. (Here is the link.) I used a similar process for the wheel. Below are pictures of the Friendly Words Wheel "whole" and in "pieces". I got this fabulous idea from Judy Morrow on her blog

Thank you for looking at my blog today.


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